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While many people have a negative view of bankruptcy, in our experience, we see bankruptcy as a necessary step to a fresh start for clients who really need it.  There are a number of reasons why a person may need to file for bankruptcy, many of which are outside of a person’s control. The most common reasons to explore a bankruptcy filing include divorce, medical issues arising from illness or an accident, or sudden unemployment.

In light of our current situation, clients should take comfort in the fact that medical issues and sudden unemployment are currently quite common.  Indeed, sudden unemployment can also lead to devastating financial situations which in turn can lead to marital stress and divorce.

"DuffyAmedeo professionals understand that these are difficult times for everyone."

When a client comes to us in financial distress, we understand that it is not just walking them through the necessary steps to filing for bankruptcy.  Clients hire us to spot bankruptcy issues and protect them from potential adverse consequences of a bankruptcy filing.  Our extensive bankruptcy experience allows us to do that.

Many consumer bankruptcy practitioners don’t specialize in bankruptcy.  They dabble in it.  Their practice includes divorces, personal injury, or even real estate closings.  DuffyAmedeo does not do that.  In fact, 90% of its practice focuses on bankruptcy clients both consumer and business.  We do not do real estate closings, divorces or personal injury work.  If these issues arise in the course of the bankruptcy or are related to it, we refer these matters to other well-qualified attorneys in those practice areas.

Professionals at DuffyAmedeo prefer to stick with what they know because that’s how they can be the most helpful.  Whether you qualify for a chapter 7 petition, which enables you to walk away from your debts or a chapter 13 where you can pay a smaller amount over time, DuffyAmedeo professionals can help guide you to the fresh start you deserve.

The unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic has impacted practically everyone in some way. Thousands of businesses, even those that were thriving just months ago, are feeling the impact of a partially shut down economy. If your business is suffering, you are not alone. DuffyAmedeo can advise you on your options and determine if a bankruptcy filing or workout can get you the relief you need to keep your business going through this difficult time.
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